Thinking about starting Interactive Science Notebooks?

Have you used Interactive Science Notebooks?  Thought about it?  Stuck your feet in the water?  I love  them!  If you’re new or even if it’s old news, I hope my posts on notebooks and science notebook resources can be helpful to you.
I created a brand new website with everything super organized for browsing.  You’ll find:

  • Blog Posts about Organization
  • Ideas Gallery
  • FAQ
  • My Science Notebook Products
Head over to the new site to learn more.


Science Penguin Interactive Science Notebook Video

The Science Penguin Video on Notebooking

My Store
I have so, so many packs to choose from in my TpT Store.



  1. I also have so much trouble with the “right side/left side” thing. It seems as though I never have enough space for it all. Good idea for the input/output!

    Teaching in Room 6

  2. I have these on my wishlist on TpT. I am also interested in your Life Science and Earth Science bundles. Are these the same Interactive Notebooks that are included in the bundles? I just don’t want to purchase duplicates.

    Learning’s a Hoot

  3. Kristi, these are the same ones included in the bundles. :)

  4. Great ideas! I tried using a math journal in class this year. I’m thinking next year I’ll split it and have half math and half science. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Where did the tool sort come from? I really like this activity and would love to have my students do this.

  6. Love your interactive notebook package. It was money well spent!

  7. I just bought your K and Primary notebook bundles. LOVE them. I am excited to try notebooks this next year. I have noticed you have rubric for 3-5, do you use the same rubric for K-2? If not how would a K-2 rubric look? Where can I find pictures or examples? Thank you

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