Science Acrostics Freebie

After the popularity of my post on using acrostic poems to reinforce science vocabulary, I decided to create a little freebie with 12 ready-to-print acrostics and some tips and ideas for using acrostic poems in science.

Ideas for Use:
~ Create a bulletin board with your acrostics.
~ Use along with a craft.
~ Use after a lab activity.
~ Use after reading the textbook or a read aloud trade book.
~ Use as partner work in a center.
~ Fold and include in science notebooks.
~ Use as review before a quiz.

Ideas for Success:
Step 1: When starting science acrostics with my class, I first model one and complete a simple one as a whole class on a topic everyone is familiar with.
Step 2: Split the class into groups and provide books or resources for them to complete an acrostic together.
Step 3: Have students complete one individually and share their ideas.  They (and you!) will be amazed at the creative ideas they come up with!
Pick up your freebie on GoogleDocs!




  1. These are great! I am heading over to pick up my copy now. Thanks for sharing. Lattes and Laughter

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