Skittles and the Scientific Method

Planning for Next Year
I started thinking about science for next year, specifically teaching the scientific method.  I used my Introductions to Science Stations last year to start off the year, but I wanted to add a little something to that.  At the beginning of the year, I want a simple, fun experiment to walk my students through the scientific method and discuss important terms and processes along the way.  This is where Skittles come in!
The Great Skittles Experiment
For the great Skittles experiment, I was trying to answer the question: Do Skittles dissolve faster in warm or cool water?  I measured out some water, heated up water for one cup, and got out my Skittles.  Then, I ate a Skittle, but it’s okay.  :)

I dropped them in at the same time and started stirring evenly with both hands after setting my timer.

 After about 3 minutes, the Skittle in the warm water had dissolved.  The Skittle in room temperature water took about 5 minutes.  You can repeat with two more trials for added reliability.
 This is a simple experiment to do with your class for the beginning of the year , before Science Fair, or any time.

The Skittles experiment, along with suggestions, and printables, is available in my iLearn Science pack.  There is a PowerPoint, 8 stations, 2 activities, the Skittles experiment, and a lot of guidance on how to get a great start in science those first few weeks of school.

iLearn Science



  1. What a great idea! This is perfect for the end of year too :) Thank you for sharing.

    Teaching in Room 6

  2. This will definitely be in my shopping cart. I have all 3 of your bundles and this is going to add so much to my science instruction.

    Learning’s a Hoot

  3. Thanks for sharing! I just found your blog through Pinterest and love your ideas! Keep ’em coming

  4. This sis a great introductory lab! My students are still talking about it!!

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