Out of this World Science Small Groups

I’ve compiled some of things I’ve written about small groups into a little guide on GoogleDocs for my followers and science friends.  I wanted to make implementing small groups as easy as possible if you’re new to the idea!

With standardized testing coming up for science, I’ve found small groups to be extremely beneficial.  While I have no scientific data, I’ve seen low benchmark scores go up to passing and even in the 90s after small group science.  That’s enough data for me!

Also, just a little note…I’ll be putting more of my free items on GoogleDocs (instead of teacher stores) in the future and linking to them from my blog, so be sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss anything!

Click the pic to download the free file.
I have another guide for Out of this World Science Stations!  Click the pic!

Adding on my Currently!!!  Boom, baby!

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  1. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read through all of it.

  2. I just found your blog through Farley’s Currently! I can’t wait to check it out.
    Teachin’ First

  3. Found you through Farley. Cute blog!

  4. thanks so much for linking up… it took me 9 years to find patio furniture I liked and then the first summer in the middle of the night a SQUIRREL tore up one of my cushions… I cried!!! now I LOL

  5. I found your blog through Currently. I love your ideas for small groups and science. I can’t wait to try them out next week.

  6. I literally LOL’d at your champagne comment – I just ran to the store to get two bottles just to be sure we had enough for everyone (the whole family is here.. I’m not planning on drinking them ALL – haha). Hope you have a WONDERFUL new year & your find the patio furniture of your dreams :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  7. I think between 12 noon and 4pm is an odd time to drink champagne. Otherwise, any other time is game 😉 hee hee

    I hope you have a fantastic new year!

    Teaching in Room 6

  8. Just blog hoppin’ around Farley’s links, and LOVE to see so much science being taught in elementary school! It warms my heart as a middle school science teacher. :)

  9. what a cute blog! Found on you from Farley’s!

  10. How have I just now found you?
    LOVE the blog…I love science and am always trying to sneak in more…I started Science logs this year, so I could really do MORE!
    Being the QUEEN BEE isn’t Easy!

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