Science Lab Teams Freebie

Do your kids get a little crazy during labs?  It’s easy to when they’re really excited about the task.  The main thing that is important to me is that students are following directions, using materials safely, working cooperatively, and learning!

In order to help with those 4 things, I like to use Lab Teams.  With Lab Teams, each group member has a particular role in completing the activity.  The roles are pretty broad and can be used for experiments, investigations, and other group tasks.  I like to have groups of 4, but sometimes groups of 5 are necessary because of the number of students present or a lack of materials.

Science Lab Team Roles
Here’s a video clip about how I use Lab Team Roles!

You can get this Lab Team Roles Freebie, which includes 5 posters and individual student role cards, in my TpT store by clicking the pic.
Science Lab Team Roles-- Free Printables


  1. This is fantastic! I just finished a workshop on cooperative learning and the idea of giving students roles was an idea I took away from there. Thanks!

  2. It’s not taking me to the site :(

  3. I Love these! Thank you!! I am trying to save them (to print later), but it says I need a password to save of print :(

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