Input…Output for your Science Notebooks

While hands-on experiences in science are certainly important, we as teachers must remember to provide our students with time to reflect on their experiences.

 I’ve posted before about science journaling {see my posts}, but I have been reflecting on my teaching and want to improve the type of output ideas my students form.  Input consists of notes, foldables, data from experiments, and observations during an investigation.
Science Notebook Output
When starting out with science notebook output ideas, I think it’s important to teach the different options to your students. This could take many weeks to teach all of the possibilities.  After each lab activity, you can take 10 minutes to model a strategy, then allow your students to try the strategy in their notebooks.  Before you know it, they will be able to choose these on their own!
Because I’m in a new grade level this year, I got a little behind in teaching output ideas, so I’m still working my way through them with my class.  Here are my suggestions for starting out with output ideas in your journal. although you can certainly go in any order you feel comfortable.
Science Notebook Output Ideas
 Eventually, students will be able to choose the appropriate output ideas that work for them after completing an activity.  It’s easy to rush to clean up a science experiment and move on, but please remember that students need time to reflect on the activity.
Looking for some examples?  See my follow-up post about ISN Output.


  1. Your posters are great. What program do you use to layer everything? I want to make a list similar to yours for my science room so they can see their options and would love to find a program or app that would help me make them visually appealing for them.

    Renee at the Science School Yard

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