Science Vocabulary Strategy: Acrostic

One of the things my students have enjoyed in the past is creating an acrostic with one of the science vocabulary words. It challenges them to think of new ways to describe a word by having a specific letter to work with.

Here is how I would suggest introducing this idea. I would suggest trying this over a period of several days.

Step 1: Model with the class. Choose a short vocabulary term you have been working with and work together to come up with an acrostic for it.

Step 2: Split students into groups and assign each group a term. Provide books and resources!

Step 3: Have students try one individually and share what they came up with for each letter.

This can seem daunting at first, but it is a terrific way to reinforce vocabulary and engage students’ brains!

You can get a FREEBIE of science acrostics here.

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  1. Simple ideas are always the best! I love this take on an acrostic poem. Pinned!

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  2. Hi Amanda. I love when a simple tweak can strengthen instruction! Thanks for pinning!

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