Science Finale: An End of Year Science Notebook

Let’s be honest.  You’re busy and tired at the end of year.  Me too.  So are the students.  Even if you made it to the last week, there are so many meetings and so much paperwork, you need students to be able to work on something independently.

The End of the Year Science Finale Notebook is perfect for the last week.  It’s just $3 and includes loads of templates to just copy and let your students go for it!

End of Year Science Notebook


Students reflect on their favorites from the year and lots of things they’ve learned.  It’s all open-ended so students can include their own knowledge and experiences.

Learn more on TpT.

It's a Wrap! Science Finale Notebook




  1. Carrie Palmer says:

    Can these activities be upscaled for high school students?

    • Ariane Huddleston says:


      Their favorite experiment and topics, as well as the brochure about the class would be appropriate. The other pages would be too elementary. -Ari

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