Science Vocabulary Folders

Science Vocabulary Folders are something new I am trying this year to help my students focus on vocabulary development.  We are using dance moves, hand motions, games, diagrams, anchor charts, a word wall, PowerPoints, and fold-ups for vocab, too.

5th graders in Texas are exposed to and tested on so many new science terms.  They don’t have to just recite the definition; they have to truly understand it and be able to use process skills to answer questions on top of vocabulary.

We’ve done Vocabulary Folder pages for Properties of Matter, Properties of Water, and Mixtures and Solutions, so far.  I only include the MOST important terms for each unit, which is anywhere from 4-8 terms.

Science Vocabulary Folder

Vocabulary folders include the definition, a labeled picture, and color.  I encourage students to be creative with their drawings.  I am hoping to see more “word drawings” as we continue through the year.  Word drawings creatively show the meaning in the word.  Some examples are shown below.  I also wrote about word drawings on Texas Teacher Round-up.

Science Word Drawings

You can download the science vocabulary folder on TpT for free.  There is an editable page included so that you can add your own terms.  Download now.



  1. Love ur blog!! So inspiring.

  2. Love it! I did something like this in my student teaching assignment. The kids loved the new way to learn.

  3. Its simply great!!

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