February Pics with the Science Penguin

Hey y’all!  I just wanted to share some pics and things we’ve been doing in my classroom the past couple weeks and what we have coming up next.
Research about the Moon
In science, students are learning about cycles in space.  So, we’ve integrated (crazy, I know) the study of the moon with reading since we’re working on research skills right now.  Currently, my reading block looks like this.  We have about 30 minutes of reading intervention each day.  The other 45 minutes of reading instruction, we do a minilesson for about 15 minutes, then my student teacher and I meet with 2 groups each for 15 minutes each.
To really guide the students through the research process and hit the multitude of standards, each group is researching together.  My team came up with a K-W-R chart.  We write what we know about the moon, come up with questions, and then identify the research tool that would best answer that question.
We grabbed a bunch of reference materials from the library: nonfiction, encyclopedias, atlases, biographies to use.  I also signed up for a couple of iPads.
After completing the K-W-R in each group, we will move on to writing it up and making a works cited page (can you believe they have to do that in 4th grade?!).
We’re in the middle of this now, so I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Reading–Up Next
We’re moving toward test prep, but I don’t just want to do test passages.
We just wrapped up figurative language, but will of course spiral back through it.  I love these posters I go from Molly Maloy.  Find ‘em here.
I got these super cool Black History Month partner skits to practice fluency with my intervention group from Elementary Lesson Plans.  I’m so excited to use these!
I ALSO picked up a Point of View pack from Nicole Shelby.  It’s got some great ideas and activities for my groups!  It was easy prep, so it’s all ready to go.
I saw that my students needed more practice with author’s purpose (even though it feels like we talk about this ALL THE TIME), so I picked up some differentiated task cards from Teaching with a Mountain View.

In writing, we had a lot of fun with Scribble Stories from Elementary Lesson Plans (yes, again, I love her stuff!).  Check out the creative Elvis pic below.  I was impressed!  I feel like I push such a multiple choice world on the students that they don’t get to explore thinking outside the bun.  An activity like this every now and then is good for them!

We did some expository writing with I Heart Books.  Nicole Shelby (yes, again) has an awesome pack called I Love Reading that has many different options and ways to use it.  I really wanted my students to focus on revising and editing their writing, so they wrote just a paragraph about their favorite book and why.  Then, they REALLY revised and edited their work.  Their published drafts are on the bulletin board.  :)

We are all up in the middle of measurement.  We’ve been using some stuff from the curriculum and It’s a Zoo.  See my post on It’s a Zoo at The Math Penguin.  I love teaching students how to convert measurements.  It seems so hard at first, but they get the hang of it.  I gave a Quick Quiz at the end of the lesson today and most of my kiddos have it down.  YES!

What’s ahead in the next couple weeks for you?



  1. Wow! Looks like you have been busy :) Thanks for sharing your pictures and ideas with us.

    Teaching in Room 6

  2. Thanks so much for the “shout out!” Hope you and your kids loved the cards. :)

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