Process Skills Test Prep

Process Skills

I’ve been working for a while on Science Process Skills.  It’s a collection of higher order thinking questions that can be used as test prep materials.
Each question comes with a large teacher page and then a black/white page with 4 questions on each for students.  It’s half off for the first day (1/27).

A reminder for you…I’ve been known to put things on sale the first day a product is posted.  If I do, I post on Facebook with that info.



  1. I found your blog about a year ago and you have given me such wonderful ideas, thanks so much for sharing your passion for teaching.

  2. As for science activities, I think so far my favorite has been the water cycle in a jar experiment.

  3. The Mentos experiment!

  4. I love your blog and your products. What a great opportunity!

  5. One of my favorites was making a volcano and having it explode all over the playground (it got very messy).

  6. Oh my goodness…how do I choose one!?!?!
    -Save Fred
    -Race car force/motion activity
    -Using lemonade to test variables
    -and more!

    YoungTeacherLove 5th Grade Blog

  7. I can’t narrow my favorite activity down to one, but I will say that I am very fond of physical science.

    Thanks for providing this great opportunity!


  8. I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now. I have been describing your Science Weekly Five to my preservice teachers. I think it’s a brilliant way to organize instruction.

    Thanks for all you share!

  9. My favorite experiment is dancing raisins.
    I look forward to using some of your experiments with my class.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom

  10. Rough question…My FAVORITE…geez…not sure? 6 stations from Space…(density of liquids), or maybe Air Centers…it’s SCIENCE not Magic!…or perhaps the body centers..OR any AIMS activities…I LOVE SCIENCE!
    Thanks for loving it more than me! <3

  11. I am a Reading Specialist now, so I haven’t done any recently.

  12. As a Texas math and science teacher, I have to say my favorite science this year has been in force and energy – rolling a marble down a ramp onto various “floors” – towels, carpet, paper, etc.

  13. I think my favorite activities are any that we do involving space. The students love any that involve food :)

  14. How exciting, 1000 followers congratulations!

  15. Helps if I read the question. I absolutely love making slime and looking at different quantities and how the combine together for primary school students.

  16. Melting chocolate chips in a baggie and then freezing them to show changes in matter is a favorite of mine.

  17. I just found you on TpT and now your blog! I love it! We are starting with the Science Weekly 5, and I’m so excited!

  18. My favorite science activity is ice cream in a bag! It’s a super yummy one for changes in matter.

  19. I love you blog! I can’t wait to look around some more!

  20. Congratulations on 1000 followers!! An incredible accomplishment!! I love all experiments with my students, but I think the best so far was learning about the different parts of a cell with jello and candy :) The kids loved it… I would LOVE to win, so I am crossing my fingers! I need all the resources I can get!! :) :) Thanks for the opportunity!!


  21. Wow! 1000 followers! That just shows what a great product you have! I am one of those!

    Teaching With Moxie

  22. I love building circuits with my students. I truly enjoy giving them components and seeing what they can do without any instruction from me!

  23. My favorite science activity we’ve done so far is the density experiment we did with water, oil, and corn syrup.


  24. I demonstrate the scientific method by asking “How many Twizzlers will it take to measure the floor?” (no variables, I know) Then I make a HUGE deal out of being specific with the procedure by taking the students literally when they give directions. I love it! And so do the students! Of course, I give them a clean Twizzler to eat later.

  25. I love the water cycle in a jar! My kids wanted to do that activity over and over!

  26. Favorite science activity – learning about weather and acting out song!

  27. We just finished our first Weekly 5 and my students really enjoyed it. We did the Adaptations one and their favorite was drawing a picture of an animal with adaptations. Thank you!

  28. I purchased your Weekly 5 on Rocks and Fossils. My students love it. I did have to add a computer station because of the number of students in my classroom.

  29. oops…my email address is not complete…

  30. My co-teacher taught a lesson this year on pollution with film cannisters and it was terrific! Thanks for the giveaway and opportunity!


  31. Love your TPT store… Just found The Math Penguin and your FB page. :0) Excited to get connected!

  32. Love your TPT store… Just found The Math Penguin and your FB page. :0) Excited to get connected!

  33. Congrats on your many TpT followers! My kids’ favorite always seems to be making Oobleck… messy = fun! 😉

  34. How awesome for you! I love science. My favorite was an experiment that allowed students to see red food drops get warm and rise as green food coloring drops flow along the bottom of the tub of water.

  35. I think my favorite science activity I’ve tried is probably the Elephant Toothpaste! AH so much fun!

  36. Wow.. that’s hard! Probably oobleck!

  37. I love your blog. Science is my weak link, but thanks to you, I am finding new and exciting ways to challenge my students. Every year my team has an outdoor educational festival. We gather our three classes and spend the entire day outdoors moving from one exciting station to another. We focus on all curriculum areas. We had our last one right before the Thanksgiving break; my favorite activity was the straw launchers. They had so much fun figuring out the science and math behind launching the straws that they forgot they were learning!

  38. While I’ve taught 5th grade science for several years, this year I moved to 4th grade. There isn’t a LOT of difference in curriculum, but just enough! One pro about it is that it has made me stretch and find other activities and ways to present my information. Thank you for all of the resources! They are so user friendly and fun!

  39. I love the Intro to Science Station. What a great way to start my 5th graders off on their Science adventures

  40. I’m a science nut myself and really enjoy sharing my love of science with my students! Some of my favorite projects have been researching habitats and plant and animal adaptations, growing crystals, and demonstrating the water cycle by growing plants in old soda bottles (also a good way to recycle!).

    I love your science weekly five ideas!!

  41. My favorite science activity I’ve done with my students was using celery in red water to see how the stem of plants carry water/nutrients to the leaves. SO cool! the kids LOVED it and it didn’t take long before we could see how it was working.

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  43. I just started using the science weekly five, and my only regret is not getting it sooner!!

  44. I appreciate everyone who shared and entered! It was so fun to read through your fave activities.

  45. What a happy surprise to win. Off to go window shop.


  46. Emailed you my pick on Sunday. I don’t know if you received it or not.
    I chose your Ultimate Science Weekly Five


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