Using Task Cards and Energy Task Cards

Task cards are all over TpT and why wouldn’t they be…they’re great!  Lately, I’ve been using task cards for math and reading small group and centers.

Small Group
My kiddos that groan at a worksheet enjoy task cards.  Sometimes, they pass them around, which keeps them efficient and keeps those minds from wandering.  Other times, I make a big pile and have them each draw a card, read it and give me their answer to check, then they keep going through the pile.

Scavenger Hunt
“Hide” the cards in the room and have students find the cards and answer them solo or in pairs.

Around the Room
Tape the cards to the wall around the room (or outside!) and have students go around and answer.

In a Center
This one is kind of “duh”.  I keep the cards in a baggie with recording sheets and directions in a folder and students can complete them.

Early Finishers
Every class has at least one…usually more!  Task cards keep them engaged while other students are still working.

Put a card on the document camera or print on a transparency to get students thinking!

3 Minutes Until Lunch
When you have beat the odds and have 2 or 3 spare minutes (!) you can use task cards to keep it educational!

How do you use task cards?  I’m always looking for new ideas!

People loved the Nature of Science Task Cards, so I made some new Energy Task Cards, available in my TpT Store.


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