Science All-STAAR Review Resources

After teaching 5th grade science for four years, I’ve come up with a lot of ideas and resources to use for test prep!

STAAR Wars Earth Science Review

STAAR Wars Physical Science Review

Upper Elementary Science Warm-Ups
These warm-ups reinforce skills and concepts learned throughout the year!

Science STAAR Review Folder
Use this folder as a study guide for your students!

Science Process Skills Questions

Vocabulary Posters and Quizzes

The Ultimate Interactive Science Notebook Kit
This contains 72 pages of great ideas and templates for using science notebooks.

Science Weekly Five Stations
While students are rotating through stations to review, you can pull small groups to reteach and reinforce concepts!  Learn all about Science Weekly Five stations.  There are stations for many different topics!

Task Cards
I have been working on a lot of task cards!  These can be used in a variety of ways to review!

Check out other resources in my posts!
What resources are you using?  What are you doing to prepare?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait for you to post more!

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